Legislative Platform

The Illinois Association of Colleges of Nursing has thoughtfully and strategically developed a Legislative Platform that allows our leadership to take positions that are consistent with our mission, vision, values, and strategic goals and objectives.

Goal 1: Synergistic Partnerships

Understand efforts occurring across IL organizations so IACN might be more strategic in its efforts  to create synergistic partnerships (e.g.,  PIN6 ICN, ANA-IL, IHAC, IONL, ICCB).



1.1 Reach out to Community Colleges Deans   and Directors to identify potential partnerships (reviewed 6/15)

1.1.1 Continue to work with Community College Deans and Directors and practice partners to advance nursing education including to support seamless progression for higher education in nursing (added 6/15)

1.1.2 Serve on AACN Committees


1.1a Met with CC deans and directors collaboratively for 1st time in IL in February of 2013
1.1b Conducted World Café with both organizations in Sept. 2013 to identify ways to support IOM’s Future of Nursing endeavors, specifically related to advancing nursing education
1.1c Met December 2013 with key leaders from both groups and planned February session for proposing standardized curriculum working with IHAC education work group
1.1d Joint meeting in February 2014  reviewed other state’s work on advancing nursing education
1/1e IHAC education work group presented proposal at Joint Meeting in June 2014;  although no consensus was obtained, specific challenges that remain at administrative levels in both groups identifiedHAC update for the Strategic Plan Accomplishments:Position Statement on Seamless Progression was written and Published in the Illinois Nurse and posted on ICN website
Position statement recommending the removal of 10-year currency for science pre-requisites written, published in The Nursing Voice and posted on ICN website
Recommended standardized curriculum developed, brought to IACN, the joint meeting of IACN and ICCB, published in the Nursing Voice and ICN Website and presented to the Illinois Board for Nursing
RWJ standardized curriculum adopted
Models for seamless progression reviewed and 3 models currently proposed (two already in place) for Illinois
Currently working on a tool to evaluate successes and barriers for each model
Working on a survey for clinical practice partners to determine needs for clinical education of students and new graduates
1.2  Align IACN Efforts with other organizations 1.2a Collaborated with PIN6 grant and IONL related to development of a state wide Leadership Fellowship;  Inaugural class met 2013-2014;  Second class being recruited
1.2b Align with IHAC efforts;  ICN and ANA IL report to Joint meetings of IACN and ICCB Deans and Directors
1.2c  Former IACN chair applied for and was appointed to ICN for continued collaborative discussions

Goal 2:  Increase Visibility

Serve as a lead organization to make recommendations on important issues.



 2.1Respond to request for position statements (reviewed 6/15)

2.1.1 Proactively create and disseminate position statements (added 6/15)

2.1a Responded to several requests as IACN; Increased membership in IHAC workgroups, ICN, and AACN committees
2.1b Began work on legislative platform after analyzing other organization’s platforms2.1c Recommend Bylaws change to incorporate legislative platform to occur in Fall 2014 (completed 6/15)2.1d Create a task force to write a position statement for full membership consideration regarding granting Bachelor of Science in Nursing at institutions of higher education (added 6/15)
2.2 Support RWJ/CCNA SIP grant to fund IHAC efforts with letters of support and special assessments (completed 6/15) 2.2a  Letter  of support written
2.2b  Select schools participated in voluntary assessment for matching funds
2.3 Explored feasibility of mapping IACN website to AACN or SON (without success)
2.3.1 Confirmed need for independent IACN website (added 6/15)
2.3a  Explored sharing website with AACN, ANAIL and other IACN schools without success.

2.3b Exploring contracting with web site developer utilized by ANA IL

2.3c Formed a task force to hire a webmaster and allocated money in the budget to accomplish by Fall 2015

2.4 Collaborate with Education Work Group of IHAC to move toward seamless progression and educational advancement and clinical partnerships (reviewed 6/15) 2.4 See above in Goal 1 related to work with ICCB deans and directors and IACN to move toward seamless progression

Goal 3:  Create a Legislative Platform that allows our leadership to take positions that are consistent with our mission, vision, values, and strategic goals and objectives.



3.1 Explore other legislative platforms of other nursing organizations (completed 6/15)
3.1.1 Monitor other nursing organization’s legislative platforms (added 6/15)
3.1a ANA, AACN, ANA IL platforms reviewed
3.2 Explore creation of general legislative platform (revised 6/15)

3.2.1  Create a general legislative platform by January 2016 (added 6/15)

3.2a Broad draft platform reviewed in September, 2013
3.2b Motion passed in April, 2014 that Executive Board can respond to other organizations in line with IACN mission, vision, values and inform participants
3.2c Motion passed in April 2014 to recommend Legislative Committee and Bylaws Committee work to integrate strategic plan into bylaws. (completed 6/15)
3.3 Increase visibility of IACN with legislators (reviewed 6/15)

3.3.1 Increase activism in Illinois politics by engaging as appropriate with home district legislators and University government relations representatives (added 6/15)

3.3a Committed to annual visits to Springfield in April with legislators distributing talking points created by legislative consultants, Capitol Edge.
3.3b Identified IACN representative to serve on WorkForce taskforces at state level (completed 6/15)
3.3c Increased leadership at IACN with chair serving on Government Affairs Committee and asking for quarterly phone calls with all state grass roots liaison.
3.4d IACN members added to ICNO with focus on nursing education issues