Currency of Science Courses for transfer to RN/BSN Program

Currency of Science Courses for transfer to RN/BSN Program

IHAC—Education Committee, October 16, 2014

Policy: The IHAC Education Committee recommends that there be no time limit for accepting science courses from accredited colleges to meet pre-requisites for RN-BSN courses.

Rationale: Registered Nurses in RN-BSN programs have already taken required science courses to meet the requirements for graduating from the basic pre-licensure nursing education program and passing the NCLEX exam to become licensed as Registered Nurses. They have been using the science knowledge in caring for patients. Evidence in colleges of nursing where there is no time limit for science courses demonstrate that RNs compete the programs successfully and there is no evidence to the contrary.

In order to meet the goal of 80% of nurses with a BSN or higher degree by 2020, the IHAC education committee has been working on ways to streamline articulation and to remove barriers for nurses to enroll in and complete BSN programs. It is a major barrier for nurses to repeat pre-licensure science courses in order to take RN-BSN courses. This could seriously reduce the number of current RNs completing the BSN degree.

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